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The '''State Library of Massachusetts''' (est.1826) in Boston, Massachusetts, "supports the research and information needs of government, libraries, and people through ... services and access to a comprehensive repository of state documents and other historical items."MA State Library. [ Mission Statement]. Retrieved 2010-08-05. It "opened in 1826 and has been in its present location in the Massachusetts State House|State House since the 1890s."[ State Library of Massachusetts Through the Years]. Retrieved 2010-08-05. The State Library falls under the administration of the Governor of Massachusetts|governor.MA General Laws....
Library nameState Library of Massachusetts
Name en| library_logo = mastatelibrarylogo.jpg
Country| type =
Scope| established = 1826
Ref legal mandate| location = Boston, MA
Coordinates| branch_of =
Num branches| items_collected =
Collection size500,000 print; over 125,000 electronic documents
Criteria| legal_deposit =
Req to access| annual_circulation =
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